Work Days

helping-handsWe invite those of you who can to come to the farm to help.  Learn what it takes to care for the animals, make maple syrup, shear sheep, and process wool into yarn. If you are interested in learning about what we do while giving us a hand, please contact us. You can also watch our calendar for events and work days. Willing workers are always welcome.

When you become a CSA member, you may choose periodically to help out with events or work days at the farm in return for a bonus on your CSA purchases. This is a community building experience that helps us when we need it most. CSA members can help with activities such as maple syrup production, Maine Maple Weekend, Shearing Day, and clearing trails in the woods.  Members then earn credits for an additional $25 on  products in the store. Contact us for more information.

home_imagesWe periodically welcome WWOOF members (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), interns, and apprentices who stay three weeks or more in return for room and board.  For more information about the WWOOF program go to http://wwoofusa.orgWWOOF_Logo