More About the Residency

Artist In Residence will receive from and contribute to the farm community in the following ways:

• Approximately 6-20 hours a week of dedicated solo studio time (in the shared studio space) with access to (see attached equipment list).
• One day a week of learning, collaboration, production and experimentation with artist Marty Elkin in the studio.
• Opportunity to build a body of work.
• Contribute to the farm and your portfolio by teaching workshops
• Opportunity to participate in a local weekly farmer’s market, learn about markets, help run the booth, sell your own creations, 10 – 20 Saturdays May-October.
• Opportunity to participate in and help at least one major agricultural fair – Common Ground.

• Opportunity to learn farm and flock management with Mary Ann Haxton.
• Opportunity to take full responsibility for the farm and care of animals while owners are away and live the farming lifestyle.
• Opportunity to connect with a larger artist and farmer community through visiting artists, workshops, field trips and connections.

• Opportunity to create a legacy project with A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm that will expand the artist’s curiosities and talents and leave a mark for future residents and visitors to enjoy.

• Mostly private housing: enjoy a beautiful one room space that provides wifi, storage, shared kitchen and bath and easy access to the studio space below.
• A modest monthly stipend of $400 in exchange for an average of 15 hours per week of farm work.
• Access to community meals, farm grown meat and vegetables as harvested.

Areas of learning curriculum with Marty Elkin and Mary Ann Haxton. Emphasis to be determined with applicant.

Farm: Farm management, record keeping, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, gardening vegetables and dye plants

Flock: Record keeping, animal husbandry, (Add two months to your residency start time to include lambing and early lamb care)

Fiber: Shear, skirt, wash, card, spin

Art: Needle felting, wet felting, weaving, spinning, knitting, natural dyes, botanical printing, acid dyes, production of fiber products

Artist in Residence Application

Click the link below to download a PDF file of our application.

For more information please email Thank you for your interest in our artist in residency program.